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Immerse Yourself

Explore The Many Dimensions of Cannabis.

Creativity. Rebellion. Self-Expression. Three floors and ten captivating, multi-sensory experiences traversing art, music, fashion, cultivation, reform and more.

The Culture

Floor 4

The Disorientation

A cinematic visual explosion transports you through 6000 years of cannabis, spotlighting the evolution of this revered plant and its profound influence on our culture.

The Euphorium

See sounds and hear color at the ultimate euphoric cannabis-inspired music festival where light and music collide in a synchronized spectacle – all while riding with friends on life-size spinning LP.

The Forum

Take an intimate look at the largely unknown ways that even a minor marijuana conviction can have a lasting effects peoples’ lives. From incarceration to impeding education, immigration, employment, housing and child welfare, hear the personal testimony of 5 individuals whose lives were uprooted by the drug war. 

The Joint

Welcome to The Joint, a rotating gallery experience featuring top artists and creators showcasing their latest work and it's synergy with cannabis culture! Stay tuned for the launch of our latest collab. 

The Agriculture

Floor 3

The Grow

Explore the seductive and cosmic agriculture of this flower with powers. Observe the life-cycle of the plant in each stage of growth through New York’s first-ever, live urban grow.

The Microverse

Be engulfed inside a cannabis molecule where otherworldly images deepen your comprehension of the remarkable plant's infinite complexity and sheer beauty.

The Olfactory

Follow your nose to a one-of-a-kind cannabis aromatic experience where you will explore the world of Terpenes.

Seed to Soul

You are living poetry with an installation that enables you and your friends to jump into lyrics created by hip-hop artist, Curren$y.

Interior of the Hypnodrome with two silhouettes at the House of Cannabis

The Ascension

Floor 2

The Spot

Roll up and join the party. An indoor urban park, reminiscent of your favorite smoke spot, is the place to hear live music, sharpen your skills at rolling a joint or just chill. 

The Hypnodrome

Meet your 'Higher Self', a guided levitation where guests take off on a 10-minute hypnotic journey set within a fully immersive LED wrapped space. Created by artist Benjamin Gordon (Drake, The Weeknd, Ye)