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Nestled within a historic building in the heart of SoHo lies a content creation haven like no other – the THC NYC Pop-Up Content Studio.

Designed exclusively for podcasts and live streams, this studio offers a unique ambiance that's both 4:20 friendly and brimming with creative energy.


Unique Environment: Unleash your creativity in a studio that's as unique as your content. Perfect for when your regular space just won't cut it, or when your top talent desires a change of scenery that inspires.

Full-Service Production: Step off our private elevator and consider everything handled. Bring your team and your gear, and we'll provide everything else – including the final, polished edit of your product.

Private & Discreet SoHo Charm: Located high over SoHo, our studio not only offers breathtaking views but also an environment that's soaked in history and creativity, ensuring your content stands out.

Hassle-Free Experience: Forget the stress of overbooked studios or uninspiring locations. THC NYC is your all-in-one solution for recording, live streaming, and content creation.


State-of-the-Art Facilities:

Whether it's recording, streaming, or editing, our studio is equipped with the latest technology and high end engineers to meet your needs:

  • Sound
    • Mackie DLZ Creator 12-channel Digital Mixer
    • Rode PodMic Cardioid Dynamic Broadcast Microphones
    • Shure SM7dB Active Dynamic Microphones
  • Camera
    • PTZOptics Producer-4K Cameras
    • Sony FX6/FS5/FS7 Production Package

Complete Production Support Packages:

Our team is on hand to assist with logistics, technical setup, and post-production, allowing you to focus solely on your creative vision.

  • Top Shelf packages starting at $10k
    • Concierge-level Experience
    • Full Production: Up to four crewed cameras, broadcast-style coverage
    • Full Post-Production, including pre/post-roll, graphics, sound and color mix
  • Professional packages starting at $5k
    • Light Food & Beverage
    • Full Production: Three camera broadcast-style coverage
    • Post-Production including pre/post-roll, graphics, sound mix
  • Standard packages starting at $2.5k
    • Basic Setup
    • Production Only

If you're searching for a vibrant, new locale, THC NYC Studio is the ideal solution for content creators looking to elevate their work and captivate their audience from a fresh, exciting venue.